An Exclusive One on One Mentorship Opportunity with John MacGregor

Are you ready to say:
“Enough is Enough!”

  • Take control of your money so you can once and for all live the life you deserve
  • Change your harmful and toxic habits around money
  • Step into the drivers seat of your own life and live with purpose and meaning
  • Rid yourself of harmful and destructive beliefs that are sabotaging your life
  • Reclaim your own personal power based on what’s important to you
  • Stop using money to dull your pain and start using money to pursue your purpose
  • Once and for all, end the daily stress, fear and anxiety that your financial problems are causing
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Start your journey now to financial freedom and peace of mind and finally live the life you desire and deserve


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One-to-One Mentoring With John MacGregor

Meeting financial and personal transformation goals can be very challenging without the appropriate and most effective tools and techniques.  With individualized one on one mentoring from John, individuals of all walks of life regardless of their wealth are more likely to adopt the skills to manage their finances and meet their self-defined goals. 

Working with John can be one of most powerful ways to transform your life forever.  Your money problems go much deeper than your lack of financial literacy, knowledge, and lack of affective money management.  Your financial challenges are rooted deep within your mind.  That is precisely why your financial problems cannot be solved using old tactics and methods, because the traditional methods of financial guidance simply do not work.  Just a few years ago, 73% of the population was living paycheck to paycheck and today that number is 78%.  The problem is getting worse not better despite all the information available to you at your fingertips for free.  Your financial problems are not the result of a lack of information. Your financial problems are a behavioral problem. 

You have been programmed to fail financially.  And, it’ not your fault.

Let’s face it, the world has changed. 

We have a new paradigm. We can no longer operate as we once did—or at least how we want. We can no longer count on those old-school beliefs to solve our financial problems and discover true financial freedom. The paradigm has radically changed. This new paradigm will affect everyone regardless of his or her financial situation – rich or poor.  And old solutions to new problems do not and will not work. 

Finances are the number one stressor for people today. Period

As a result of these financial problems, people are suffering with severe amounts of stress, anxiety, and fear and it’s affecting every aspect of their life including: 

When stress endures for a longer stretch of time, it increases the risk of our most deadly diseases and health issues.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Insomnia
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Accelerated Aging
  • Irritability
  • Family and Relationship Issues
  • Work Productivity
  • Unhealthy Eating
  • Substance Abuse
  • Ulcers
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Nervousness
  • Divorce
  • And that’s just the start of the list!

Most, if not all of the above, are a direct result of your financial situation.
Change your financial situation, change your life forever.

Stress is the number one cause of many of the deadliest diseases and health issues today.

In fact, over 75% of all physician office visits are the direct result of stress. Stress-related ailments and complaints simply overwhelmingly dominate all other health issues across the country.

So, when financial strain is the number one cause of stress and stress is the leading cause of many of our most dangerous health issues, you begin to see how it is literally killing us! You can now see, why I call this the biggest epidemic in our society.

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People from all walks of life have come to John with challenges impacting their financial wellbeing, such as:

  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Poor Budgeting Skills
  • Inability to Save
  • Poor Investment Decisions
  • Overwhelming Debt
  • Poor Credit History
  • Major Life Changes
  • Loss of Job
  • Reduction in Income
  • Finding a better way to pay for college and reduce future debt

These issues above are merely symptoms of a much greater problem that resides within.  These devastating obstacles lie much deeper than knowing what to do or not to do with your money.  The reason, lies within the mind. 

Any success you desire in your life starts in the mind and this is no different when it comes to your financial life.  And that’s the missing piece. 

Changes to your circumstances are in direct proportion to changes to your mental state of mind or being.

Based on what we know, there is simply no other way to achieve true, lasting financial peace without incorporating a process that taps into your brain and makes changes at the core of your mental programming, 

Through John’s mentorship and personalized guidance, you will experience healing at the subconscious level, where most, if not all, of your financial problems reside.  John will get to the core of why you are suffering financially and then provide invaluable customized tools for you to emerge as the person you are meant to be.  Old energies, destructive beliefs, and harmful habits will release their hold on you, opening up space for you to reclaim deep desires, finding purpose, passion and freedom so you can create the life you’ve always known was possible, yet until now unattainable. 

As your personal mentor, John will guide you through a journey of transformation that will support you to expand your relationship with yourself and with money that will in turn activate conscious awareness, positive choices, and healthy behaviors.

This highly intensive program, John will guide you step by step in order for you to not only meet your financial goals, but your life goals as well. 

This is total transformation program is not only designed to get your financial house in order, but to literally reshape your thought patterns so you can once and for all have a healthy relationship with money, so you can start using money to fulfill your purpose and not as a tool to dull your pain.

In my experience, this is not about working harder, or sacrificing or even hustling to get to where you want to be.  It’s a change in your mindset. 

I think it’s very important for you to realize, that you are currently a shell of your FUTURE potential self. From what I’ve seen over the years, most people are a mere reflection of what they could be and deserve to be.  And the old methods won’t get you where you want to be. 

And the greatest power a person possesses is the power to choose.  And once you decide in fact you’re ready to transform, your destiny is not matter of chance.  It’s a matter of choice. 

This one on one mentorship yields far bigger than more money in your bank account. It was developed to change your life forever.

If that sounds like the sort of freedom you’re looking for, then congratulations—you’re already well on your way.

I wish you all the best!


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Here's my goals for you...

  • Get clear and focused on the financial goals and objective that will radically change your life forever
  • Discover what is deeply meaningful to you and uncover your true purpose
  • Identify the harmful beliefs that are dictating your destructive behaviors and sabotaging you from true, lasting financial peace
  • Gain insightful awareness into where you truly are in the spectrum of financial success and how your current patterns of behavior will not get you what you want and deserve in life
  • Break through limitations and create the habits you need to breakthrough to financial freedom and peace of mind
  • Develop rituals that support your goals, dreams and desires
  • More energy, more vitality and more accountability from a coach that pushes you. Stay committed for real results and start living the life you desire.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and live your life on your terms.
  • Tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence to overcome any challenge or unexpected change that life throws at you.
  • Become a center of influence to others and allow your newfound strength and power to transcend into others
  • Be the role model to others you were meant to be
  • Live in peace, joy and fulfillment
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