John MacGregor

The Top 10 Reason The Rich Go Broke

Powerful Stories that Will Transform Your Financial Life...
  • Learning from your mistakes makes you SMART.
  • Learning from other people's mistakes makes you a GENIUS.
  • Learning from a crisis makes you INVINCIBLE.
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Although this book is about the rich going broke, the core message is why people go broke and are never able to achieve lasting financial freedom and peace of mind.

Unlike the thousands of traditional “how-to” personal finance books that use traditional methods that rarely induce change in people, these stories elicit something deep within the reader that allows people to make meaningful transformations in their life.

There are two ways to share knowledge: you can push information in, or you can draw information out with story. A good story well told, can change the world.

This book answers and solves why:

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78% of people are living paycheck to paycheck

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65% of people could not come up with $400 today for an emergency expense

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Why money is the #1 source of stress in our society

...AND, why this problem is getting worse – not better - despite the thousands of how-to-books, DVD’s, and online resources available.

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“There is no better time for this book than now. John is my “expert” advisor on the very important world of financial planning, and he wrote this book for you.”

Robert Kiyosaki — Best-Selling Author Rich Dad Poor Dad


I am honored to write this Foreword for John’s book, for a number of reasons

Reason #1: I asked John to write this book. The Rich Dad series of books needs content and teaching from someone with John’s professional experience.

Reason #2: John is a Certified Financial Planner. He is more than a financial planner. He often instructs other CFPs and financial planners on this vital professional service.

Reason #3: I respect John. He is real and has dedicated his life to this vital subject. He is a true professional… a student of his profession. Whenever I have a question on financial planning, he is my “expert,” my advisor on the very important world of financial planning.

Who is John MacGregor?

A Leader and an Innovator

After 25 years in the trenches guiding thousands of individuals and small business owners, John MacGregor opens the vault on 10 incredible stories that have the power to transform your financial life forever.

It is here, MacGregor reveals for the first time “The B.E.A.R Trap”, THE underlying reason why so many people go and stay broke.

The BEAR Trap™ formula is not only effective in your financial decision making, you can use it anywhere in your life to avoid painful outcomes and pitfalls.

John MacGregor

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This book isn’t just about putting more money in your pocket, it’s about changing your life forever.