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Enough is Enough

I’ve had enough - I worked in the financial industry for 25 years and I grew tired. Tired of seeing people suffer. Tired of watching great people -men and women just like you failed by a system that
wasn’t making a positive difference.

I grew tired of the traditional methods that weren’t helping people live the life they wanted and deserved to live.

Time and time again I witnessed individuals, couples, and families step through my door or call me on the phone in so much pain because of their financial decisions. No matter how much counseling I offered, no matter how much planning we did together, and despite their absolute commitment to the agreed upon plan, nothing changed. Within months and sometimes even weeks, they were back to the same mistakes that got them in that mess in the first place. Quickly they were spiraling out of control once more and back to living a life of pain, stress, and anxiety. I knew it wasn’t their fault. They were programmed to act this way.

I knew deep down there had to be a solution, something that actually worked. Something that created an environment that propelled people into making the right decisions with their money. I knew it wasn’t going to be another financial product.

So I set out to uncover the truth about why so many millions of people were not financially set in life, why so many millions of people were not at peace financially, and why the statistics of people who are suffering were only getting worse. 

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John MacGregor

Who is John MacGregor?

A Leader and an Innovator

John has been a leader and innovator in the financial services industry for over 25 years. John’s passion is helping people understand how easy it is to live a financially secure life if they have the right mindset and process in place.

Over the years John has helped 1000s upon 1000s of individuals create successful financial futures through his distinctive methods and systems. His unique proven approach that he developed to create financial security and peace of mind, has made him a highly demanded speaker and media personality. His paradigm shifting brain based financial system not only addresses the specific knowledge and tools one needs to have a secure financial platform, it is also designed to help people become highly aware of the blocks that have stopped them from doing “the next right thing” in their financial lives.